Gogobot Chicago's "Snap & Brunch" event

I made this postcard at gogobot.com for free!
The travel website and app, Gogobot Chicago along with Jen Knoedl of JenTravels hosted "Snap & Brunch" today at the downtown Chicago restaurant Mercat a la Planxa. For a mere $25, attendees got a three-course brunch, access to a DIY bloody mary bar, some picture-taking tips from professional photographer Jeff Schear, and a tour of the Renaissance Blackstone Chicago Hotel by concierge Shannon Boland.

About 11 guests came to the event which began at noon with an introduction to our chef Mark Sabbe and bartender. I met Janelle Rominski, Mary Kay H., Michael, Joe who brought an impressive-looking camera, and a couple - Sophia and Andrew. The table settings were dressed up with the brunch menu, and a bunch of fun Gogobot swag including sunglasses in assorted colors, blue and silver metal bottle opener key chains, buttons, pens, luggage tags, and hi-microfiber cleaning cloth.


SMC Chicago panel discusses mobile apps

Mobile App Discussion Panelists
On Tuesday the Social Media Club of Chicago (SMCC) held a panel discussion about mobile apps and ads. ITA/TechNexus made their office space available and +Ramon De Leon provided a ton of delicious Domino's pizzas, as he so generously usually does for SMCC events. The panel consisted of the following five individuals who work in the tech field and are all quite knowledgeable about mobile marketing:


Thank you notes

Since we were old enough to write, my mom had my siblings and I writing thank you letters for every present we received. Our aunts, uncles, and grandparents could guarantee a thank you note from each of us soon after each birthday and Christmas. I think after all those years I really rather enjoyed getting out my address book and box of note cards, sitting down and remembering who gave me what. It was fun to think about all the gifts I'd received. It didn't matter when I sent the letters, just that I did. After my grandmother died we found dresser drawers filled with letters from my siblings, cousins, and I. She enjoyed our letters so much so that she kept all of them. Perhaps keeping that in the back of my mind forces me to continue writing them.