Thank you notes

Since we were old enough to write, my mom had my siblings and I writing thank you letters for every present we received. Our aunts, uncles, and grandparents could guarantee a thank you note from each of us soon after each birthday and Christmas. I think after all those years I really rather enjoyed getting out my address book and box of note cards, sitting down and remembering who gave me what. It was fun to think about all the gifts I'd received. It didn't matter when I sent the letters, just that I did. After my grandmother died we found dresser drawers filled with letters from my siblings, cousins, and I. She enjoyed our letters so much so that she kept all of them. Perhaps keeping that in the back of my mind forces me to continue writing them.

Mail from a friend or relative is always fun to get. Whether it's a little holiday card, or just a note to say 'hi', I don't believe anyone would not be excited to open a letter from someone they know. Not many people write real letters anymore. The mail can't be all that thrilling when all you get is bills and coupons you'll never use.

It's become a habit for me and even into my adult life I still send thank you letters. The aunt and uncle that I used to write to are still my elders, so why shouldn't I take the time to write a quick note? Just  because I've got my own life, and job, and bills is no reason to stop. So, although my birthday was nearly three months ago, I decided to still write my aunt and uncle for the new running shoes and socks they gave me. I know they'll be appreciative that I took the time to write. Besides that, I look forward to brightening up their day just a tad with my thank you note.

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