How a dollar store razor made me seek out something better

To clarify, I am not a product reviewer. Nor do I care to be. However I recently "discovered" a product that I felt the need to share with every little shaver I know.

This story begins with a trip to the ol' dollar store. Most dollar stores usually carry at least one thing everyone can use. Food. Cleaning supplies. Holiday decorations. In preparation for an upcoming trip I picked up a package of 10 razors. They looked just like those Pepto-Bismol-pink colored Daisy ones. One lotion strip followed by one or two blades. Once I was on vacation and went to use one it didn't work. The razor would not actually cut the hair. Thinking it must just be that particular one I grabbed another. Nope. The second and third didn't work either. Being several miles from the nearest store without transportation, this was just not cool. But, what could I do? I just had to deal. Pretend I was European or something...

When I returned home I decided to splurge a little on my next razor. Scanning the options at Walgreen's my eyes fell upon a pretty light blue and pink package. Behold, the Gillette Venus Spa Breeze. It's alluring proclamations "scent of white tea" (because yes, I have always wanted my legs to smell like white tea); "smooth your skin and indulge your senses!"; "makes shaving a breeze" drew me in. What a concept - the lotion is actually built into the razor in the form of a shave gel bar. You just have to get it wet and start shaving. I mean, this is pretty clever. It even comes with a suction cup to hang the razor up in the shower when you're not using it. How about that? So I plunked down the 20 bucks, hoping to "reveal the goddess in me."

I am here to tell you, the goddess has come out. And she has silky-smooth gams! This little razor came through on all of its promises. It is so easy to shave now. I don't have to remember to buy shaving cream, and the white tea scent is pretty nice.