Turkey Day

Photo credit: WGN News
Happy Thanksgiving! I spent today with my parents, brother, and boyfriend in Michigan. We had the typical American Thanksgiving - eating, watching football, playing board games, and just hanging out. As with most holidays, I received a few texts from friends wishing me a happy Thanksgiving, or as a co-worker so eloquently sent "happy t day".  I don't understand why people send mass "happy holiday" texts in the first place, let alone when they include dead giveaways like "happy holidays everyone" or "happy holidays to you guys". Why bother sending a message so impersonal? Is it to remind people that you still exist? Eh, maybe they're just trying to be nice after all, and I should give 'em a break.

This morning I watched about an hour of WGN's coverage on McDonald's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I was pretty impressed with all the acts they showed. The Gentleman's Rule was first. This group performed a beautiful cover. I also saw a dance troupe - DancExcel, Chicago Swingkids, The Other Cinderella, "With Bells On" performed by the Gay Men's Chorus, formed in 1983, a group of four guys who sang about Christmas in different parts around the world including Ireland, Mexico, and a Jewish Hanukkah. Sashe Taylor dance group began their act with the main dancer hopping out of a cab. She wore a strapless black leather top and skirt and bright red high heels. When she started bopping around I couldn't believe that she was performing in those shoes! About five other women were also able to dance in heels.

I'm lucky that I am able to come back home and see my family, especially during holidays. A lot of people can't travel home for various reasons. The trip is simply too far and too costly. Some have to work and can't spend the holiday relaxing in their own home, let alone visit their family. Many people don't even have families to visit. It's so important to remember that as bad as you think your life situation is, there is someone out there struggling in much worse circumstances. This holiday is all about remembering and being thankful for all the good in our lives. I feel very blessed with the family and friends I have, my job, my health, and my apartment. I am fortunate to have grown up with all the things I need and want. This year I want to constantly remind myself that my life is pretty darn awesome. I hope that you too have things in your life that you are happy about, proud of, and are thankful for.