This week I got a membership at the YMCA.  http://www.irvingparkymca.org/  It's only $34 per person, per month for the "family membership!"  The joining fee is waived if you sign up in January.  Hello New Year's resolutions!  It's right across the street from my apartment, which is sswweeet!  It's not a totally awesome gym like my old one in Lakeview, LVAC, but it has everything I need.  They have classes like cycling, step, and Zumba.  There's a cardio room, a weight machine room, a pool, large and small basketball courts, and a track above the large basketball court.  The track is kind of weird because the edges slope up - which isn't very ideal for running, because if you pass someone you are running on an uneven surface.  But it works.  In the locker rooms there is a sauna and a steam room.  I've been twice so far and it's so great to be back in the exercise routine.  It's amazing how much I have missed working out.  My body is definitely feeling the wrath of taking this time off.


Time To Get A Blog

It's almost 2 in the afternoon, "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" is on the tube and I just finished some yummy raisin bread toast with butter.  I am giving it my first go at blogging.  I have always been intrigued by blogs.  A few friends of mine have had theirs for a while and I enjoy checking them and seeing what they have been up to.