Time To Get A Blog

It's almost 2 in the afternoon, "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" is on the tube and I just finished some yummy raisin bread toast with butter.  I am giving it my first go at blogging.  I have always been intrigued by blogs.  A few friends of mine have had theirs for a while and I enjoy checking them and seeing what they have been up to.

I view blogs as public diaries, so they terrify me a bit.  I have been thinking about creating one for a while now, but never knew what I would write about.  I mean, what could I write about that no one else has already said?  An old high school pal said I should start a blog about me taking care of my grandmother.  But, I had already started a paper diary with that subject that my Mom had given me.  I also keep a personal journal on my laptop, that I love writing in.  I feel like SJP on "Sex in the City."

Last week I attended a PRSA YPN Job Workshop at Golin Harris, and met the speaker Susan Caplan, author of "Marketing Yourself To The Real World: 10 simple steps to gain a competitive edge in the job market."  http://www.susancaplan.com/  She spoke about how important it is to market yourself on the Internet.  I was already on Facebook and LinkedIn, but I still needed to get on Twitter, and why not a blog as well?  So that's what has led me up to this point.

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